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Aki-no Higan's Greeting [エッセー]

Dear Helena-san and others,

How are you ? All of us are fine.
Thank you very much for you mail asking us of the Tyhoon disaster.
Yes, some cities in Ibaraki Pref. in the outskirts of Tokyo were suffered from flood of the Kinugawa-river banks. But fortunately, no harm in the Tokyo area.
Today is called Shuubun-no-hi or the Autumn Equinox Day. Mny people visit their temples or ancesters' cemetry and recall them.
The photo attached here is called a Higan-bana. Higan, which means 'another world ' or paradise, is another name of an equinox day. Bana is a sort of a liaison like French language of 'hana'which means a flower.
Higan-bana is in full bloom only a few days during autumn equinox days. Japanese have an image of Buddha sitting in the center of this flower.
I took this photo just yesterday in my housing area.
From tomorrow, the autumn begins. Sayonara from all Naganumas in Japan.